By Nathan Olsen & Robert Olsen

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  1. wow, he has NO shock collar (ref. Fido), so how has she kept him from eating her brains?! (and I can’t believe I’m commenting on collar before the “lost member”!!)…oops!

  2. You know, I see this and the grossest thing to me is that she is KISSING A ZOMBIE!! Anyone got some Listerine?

  3. so…so far I have been going through the comics, enjoying them but not really making any sudden moves…I wasnt ready for this and my jaw almost dropped into my lunch.

    • Well hopefully it dropped in a good way. 95% of our comics are like what you have already seen, but sometimes things just seem to write themselves.

  4. Right after I read the previous one, I though: “I wonder how their babies are going to be”. I did not wanted to see how those babies were made, though.
    Ok, it’s just me or that necrophiliac girl has a very nice butt?

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